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Pro tip: To switch from local mode to composite (full screen), do a long press on the zoom out button (-). To switch from composite to local, do a long press on the zoom in button (+). The zoom level will be preserved as long as it's within the range for that layer.


New "Weather Detail" screen!

The Weather Detail screen shows every bit of information we can get from the weather station (or buoy) for the last three reports. In addition to the weather, we also show sunrise and sunset times, 24-hour highs and lows, and the station location. The raw METAR is also available. To reach the Weather Detail screen, go to the current conditions, then select the green icon with the three white dots. See the help text for more information on this great new feature.


Fixed Canadian Radar for Quebic (CASMA) position error.


The temperature "bubbles" that appear on the map have been updated to show a slightly blue color if the temperature is freezing or below and a slight reddish color if the temperature is above 89F. The change should make the map easier to analyze, especially for freezing conditions.

Improvements in stability and performance.


New current conditions data source! We've improved the current conditions by creating our own system to supply weather information to RadarNow!. The new system has many more stations (3000+) and buoys (600+) than the old system. In addition, since we're using redundant sources for the data, the reliability of the current conditions should be much improved.

Current conditions are now available in the entire USA, Canada, Mexico, and many Caribbean countries as well. Forecast is still restricted to the USA only.


Superseded by 7.1.258


Range Rings is now a free feature! The Range Rings feature, formally premium, draws a number of circles around your location that are marked in miles. Range rings can help you determine how far the storm is from your location without other ground references like cities or counties. To deactivate this feature, go to the options menu (three horizontal bars, top-left) and uncheck the option "Range Rings".

Code stabilization and resource optimization changes.

Premium ads problem resolved.


Superseded by 7.1.256


Superseded by 7.1.255


Superseded by 7.1.254


Superseded by 7.1.253


Superseded by 7.1.252


Superseded by 7.1.251


Superseded by 7.1.250


Fix UI bug in landscape mode.

Internal upgrades and important updates.

Are you using the county and state boundaries? They really help with situational awareness. Start using them by going to the left menu (three horizontal bars, top-left) item "Layers & Opacity" and select the checkbox "County". The county boundaries are white so turning down the base map opacity (on that same menu item) will make them easier to see. The county boundaries ride on top of the radar and map layer so they are always visible.


Removed option for external storage as per Google requirements.

Updated more Canadian radar stations with new five character station ID's.

Cleaned up some unused features.

Removed ads from landscape mode.

Updated several API's to latest version.

Improved current conditions reliability - more to come.


The National Weather Service experienced a DDOS attack on their system which resulted in blocking of all Android apps using a default user agent. This update adds a custom user agent to all web interactions to identify RadarNow!.

Current Conditions, Forecast and local view have returned to operational status.

The local view for radar may experience sporadic outages for the remainder of 2020 due to the termination of the Ridge I system on 12/16. We are adapting to the Ridge II system as quickly as we can.


Updated Canadian radar stations with new five character station ID's.


Fixed zoom 4.


Update composite radar layer source! We've switched to a higher resolution provider for our composite (full screen) radar view that offers deeper zooming and finer detail. Toggle between local view and composite by doing a long press on the zoom buttons. Zoom in (+) for local view and zoom out (-) for composite.

Dropped "old maps" option. Our license to the old maps expired so this option has been removed.

Added a test version of "dark mode" base maps. This test feature can be switched on through the advanced options menu. A restart is required.

Please let us know through the "Contact us" form inside of RadarNow! if you have any difficulties viewing the maps or the new composite radar overlay. Thank you.


Technical internal updates.

Fix minor issue in 236.


Make "Write External Storage" permission optional. If you would like to revoke this permission, please go to the settings app on your device, app section, find RadarNow!. On some devices, doing a long press on the RadarNow! launcher icon can be used as a shortcut to this feature. Go to the permission section, storage and revoke the permission. RadarNow! will use internal storage for caching maps and other data from then on. IMPORTANT: If you start seeing crashes after doing this, it is likely your device has insufficient internal storage and you will be required to use the external storage permission.

Adjustments to map layout.

Fix minor crash in 235.


Switch all external calls to SSL.

Remove all unnecessary permissions.

Internal upgrade to target Android SDK level 28. While this update doesn't directly affect users, it is mandatory to be done before we can submit an app to the Google Play Store for release.

Move controls at bottom of the screen up a bit for newer phones with no controls.

Fix minor crashes.


Canada radar fix.

Internal upgrades and enhancements.


Current conditions and forecast fix.

Internal upgrade to Android SDK level 26. While this update doesn't directly affect users, it is mandatory to be done before we can submit an app to the Google Play Store for release.


Current conditions and forecast fix.


Long press on zoom in (+) switches to local view.

Long press on zoom out (-) switches to composite overall view (free and Premium).

Swipe away alerts to dismiss them.

Removed some cryptic error messages.


VERY IMPORTANT UPDATE. Please download and install promptly. Prevent bug for missing premium local radar products.

New Maps!


VERY IMPORTANT UPDATE. Please download and install promptly. Prevent bug for missing maps.


Fixed a bug that prevented clutter suppression feature from working in free mode.


Clutter suppression feature. Ground clutter, or reflections from objects close to the radar beam, appear as a roughly circular region, bluish in color around the radar station. These reflections can now be removed or substantially reduced from the screen by using this feature.

Improvements to performance.


Canada Radars

Clutter suppression

Minor correction to local view projection.

Improvements to redundancy and performance.


This is a technical release with improvements that address issues discovered in the previous release of RadarNow!.


This is a major release with improvements throughout the RadarNow!.

Improvements in performance.

Adopt Lollipop design guidelines.

Map now scales with to the density of the screen.

New "Current conditions" box

Temperature bubbles now show in free mode!

New NWS Alert system!

State/County boundary layer is not displayed by default now.