Version 5.6 (02/10/2015)

Updated to a one time premium option for $5.99. No longer a subscription. Buy premium once and keep it for the life of RadarNow!. You asked for it, we've done it.>/p>

Existing premium subscriptions will remain premium for the entire length they originally were purchased for. If you purchased a one or two year subscription and you are not seeing premium right away after installing this update, please end RadarNow! and start it again. If you still are not seeing premium, please try doing a "Force registration" option (menu-options, near the bottom) to synch RadarNow! with our servers.

Updated to the lastest Google Location API.

Version 5.3 (12/16/2013)

This release fixes problems with tables and the menu button.

We also have addressed an issue with JUA (Puerto Rico) showing the time incorrectly.

Version 5.2 (12/01/2013)

In this version we introduce the new Google Location API. In previous releases, we used our own location system. Google has since developed and released a new location API which promises to be more accurate, faster and use less resources (specifically battery).

Issues with Android versions less than 2.2 have been addressed in this release.

Version 5.1 (07/09/2013)

Bug fixes

Version 5.0 (06/19/2013)

New Map Interface

This version features a new map interface for free users that allows panning to other stations besides the closest radar facility. It contains numerous enhancements and upgrades that are sure to satisfy all current and future RadarNow! users.

Version 4.2 (12/08/2012)

Hourly Forecasts

Two days (48) hours of hourly forecasts showing:

Other fixes and optimizations.

Version 4.0 (08/19/2012)

NWS Alerts

It may take up to five business days before you start receiving alerts after installing this version of RadarNow!.

NWS's Watches, Warnings or Advisories can be received using RadarNow!

National Weather Service Alerts can be received by RadarNow!. The default is for all alerts to generate a silent notification. You can change this to fit your individual requirements by using the option (menu-settings-options) "Action by event type" to customize how alerts are handled.

The alerts sent to your device are dependent on the county in which your device is currently located. If you used an override location, either through favorites or by entering a Zip Code, that will be the location used to determine what county to use for alerts.

When your location changes by about 10 miles, your county will be recomputed and if you've moved into a different county, any alerts that are currently active for that county will be sent to your device. Alerts for the county you just left will be removed from the list as well.

Notification types:

The default action can be configured using the option (menu-settings-options) with that name.

Alerts are delivered to your device within a few minutes after they are received by our servers, however, it may take up to 15 minutes for an alert to be received.

If there are active alerts for your area, and you've selected to receive that event type (see "Action by event type" in options menu), an icon will appear on the top status bar. The color of the icon depicts the most extreme active alert. Colors correspond to the color indicator on the alert list.

Selecting the Alert icon will open a list of active alerts.

Selecting an alert from the Alert List will display the details for that message.

Long press the alert in the Alert List to open up options for that alert.

New Radar Imagery

The radar imagery in full view is being upgraded to reduce clutter and improve resolution. This rollout will occur for all premium users regardless of the app version being used. Technically speaking, the new radar is using NOAA WSR-88D Level III product NCR. Radar stations in precipitation mode are included with the full range of dbZ values. Radar stations in clear air mode will only have the top 5 levels shown to help eliminate clutter.


Our partner AdMob is providing banner ads on the bottom of the local view display.

Anyone, anytime may opt out of banners by unchecking the "Show banners" option (menu-settings-options). If you decide to opt out, your choice will remain active for 30 days, at which time the banners will return. Simply opt out again if you still choose to do so. Premium users who opt out will have their choice in effect until their premium status expires.

Banners will hide along with controls when tapping the screen in an unused area.

Version 3.8 (04/21/2012)

NEW Premium Feature


With this feature active, the map shows temperatures at various stations. Selecting one of these stations will bring up the current conditions of that location. Temperatures are updated about once an hour. This feature can be switched off by unchecking the "Show temperatures" option (menu-settings-options).

NEW Features

Hide Map Controls

Tapping the screen will hide the map controls (zoom, scroll bar). Tapping the screen again will bring the map controls back. The first time this feature is used, a banner will appear at the bottom of the screen with the question: "Where did the map controls go?" Selecting this banner will display help text describing this feature.

Current Conditions

Current conditions shows a "picture" icon so you can see weather at a glance.

Other changes

Major refactoring (internals)

Tile handling improved

Out of Memory issues improved

Overall performance enhancements

Version 3.7 (03/18/2012)

NEW Premium Feature


Save and use locations of interest.

To use a "long press," touch the screen on one spot for at least one second. A dialog box with the favorites options will appear once the long press is detected.

Version 3.6 (02/06/2012)

NEW Feature

Location services are no longer required to use our app.

Find your location using USPS Zip Code. If location services aren't available or if your location can't be determined, you can use your Zip Code to pin point you on the map. The point will be the center of the Zip Code.

NEW Premium Feature

Find a location using USPS Zip Code. Select the icon at the top right corner of the display to access this feature.

Version 3.5 (12/07/2011)

Version 3.4 (11/21/2011)

Version 3.3 (9/29/2011)

Version 3.2 (9/12/2011)

Version 3.1 (9/5/2011)

Version 3.0

App Improvements

The app has been totally re-written from top to bottom as well as every server process has been updated to handle a larger user base.

New free mode features:

Premium mode features:

Version 2.5

App Improvements

Version 2.4

App Improvements

Pushed UI Improvements